Take your distribution business to the next level

Growtrade provides you with tools and services that help you manage your operations better, provides credit lines to your buyers and make them come back more frequently

Sell more. Avoid stress

Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor or retailer, business should be smoother and growing

For Manufacturers

Now, you can have accurate insights and visibility into your distribution network. In realtime

Insights. Lots of it

See a real time feed of sales and field activities right from your desktop. As it is happening.

Plan promotions better

With the visibility and accuracy that Growtrade brings, now you can plan sales activities better

Downline efficiency

Improved business operations of your distributors will drive more efficiency in your network

For Distributors

The complete solution to make your sales network buzzing, active and keep your buyers coming back more frequently

Sales Support

We won't only provide digital tools with which your buyers place orders faster, we will also provide the support to take those orders and drive sales

Efficient payments

Say goodbye to messy nightly reconciliations. With smooth payment workflows, all cash that you receive will be auto-reconciled

Credit and Benefits

Your buyers are always asking for credit. Our integrated partners will provide it! And more banking services that are loaded with benefits

For Retailers

Never, ever run out of inventory again. Never close shop to 'go to the market

Fast Ordering

Fast Ordering

With just a text message or a chat, you have placed your order and it's on the way

 Banking Services Icon

Banking services

Now you can get your airtime at a discount, send money at lowest costs, maybe even start a small financial services business on the side

Need credit Icon

Need credit? It's here!

We have integrated lending partners that can cover the cost of your inventory when you need it

All aspects of distribution management

We have all the bases covered. Growtrade will help you cut down lost time and complex processes

Customer relations

Know who buys from you and track retention intelligently

Inventory Management

Keep track of your inventory and avoid stock out

Order Management

Take orders digitally. Fulfil orders digitally

Smooth payments

Eliminate cash handling with Growtrade's embedded payments

Credit. More credit

Avoid stockout. Growtrade's lending partners will help to plug the gaps

Accounts with benefits

Send money for less. Buy airtime for less. Many more

“This platform has helped us really get back all the time lost is manual reconciliation activities”


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